Farmstock Agriculture App


Farmstock Technologies Pvt Ltd is focused towards harnessing the power of technology to improve the lives of Indian farmers. Today, agriculture is a major contributor in India’s GDP but individual farmers are still not earning at par with any other industry.

The company aims to reach out to the target audience through web and mobile interface to touch base numerous problems like, lack of awareness about modern farming techniques, gap in agricultural commodities’ market price transparency, lack of availability of farm inputs in local market, lack of market access to sell agricultural produce, lack of resources to develop small businesses, say, food processing unit, bee keeping, etc.

While catering to the problems of Indian farmers, Farmstock Technologies also aims to build a channel for other players or stakeholders in the ecosystem to advertise, brand or sell their products & services.

The ultimate vision of Farmstock technologies is to reduce the gap between what end consumers pay and what farmers get. The company would open a retail channel to sell farmers’ produce directly to the customers.

Agriculture is one of the major contributor in Indian GDP (17%), with more than 42% employment contribution. Yet the focus in terms of technological advancements has been very less on this sector. We are blessed with largest fertile land share across the globe, yet our agricultural yield is nowhere close to other countries including US, China, Japan, Germany, UK etc. Our farmers income is way less than that compared with other countries.

Some of the major reasons behind these problems are -

  1. Lack of awareness about modern farming techniques, and govt. aids to support better farming
  2. Small land holding and lack of capital access
  3. Lack of instant help with issues like crop disease, etc
  4. No direct market access for marginal farmers, lack of transparency in market rates